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Last Updated: March 15th, 2018






All prices are per person, based on double occupancy. Government taxes are not included. Prices change frequently; to get current pricing you must make a selection.

Last Minute Cruise Deals

DurationDestinationCruise LineShip NameDeparture DatePortTotal Per PersonCabin TypeLink
15 nightTransatlantic & Repositioningms Oosterdam4/3/2018Fort LauderdaleUSD 699OceanViewBook It Now!
15 nightTransatlantic & RepositioningNorwegian Epic4/7/2018Port CanaveralUSD 599InsideBook It Now!
7 nightCaribbean-SouthernAdventure of the Seas4/7/2018San JuanUSD 444InsideBook It Now!
21 nightPanama Canal & C.AmericaNorwegian Pearl4/8/2018New OrleansUSD 1099InsideBook It Now!
7 nightCaribbean-WesternRegal Princess4/8/2018Fort LauderdaleUSD 449InsideBook It Now!
7 nightCaribbean-EasternJewel of the Seas4/8/2018San JuanUSD 456OceanViewBook It Now!
7 nightCaribbean-EasternRoyal Princess4/9/2018Fort LauderdaleUSD 449InsideBook It Now!
10 nightCaribbean-SouthernCaribbean Princess4/11/2018Fort LauderdaleUSD 599InsideBook It Now!
7 nightCaribbean-Easternms Veendam4/11/2018Fort LauderdaleUSD 449OceanViewBook It Now!
7 nightCaribbean-SouthernAdventure of the Seas4/14/2018San JuanUSD 358InsideBook It Now!
7 nightCaribbean-EasternMSC Seaside4/14/2018MiamiUSD 429InsideBook It Now!
8 nightCaribbean-EasternCarnival Conquest4/14/2018Fort LauderdaleUSD 499InsideBook It Now!
7 nightCaribbean-WesternNorwegian Jade4/14/2018MiamiUSD 449InsideBook It Now!
12 nightTransatlantic & RepositioningNorwegian Breakaway4/15/2018New York CityUSD 399InsideBook It Now!
6 nightBahamasCarnival Elation4/15/2018JacksonvilleUSD 384InsideBook It Now!
12 nightJapan & Far EastNorwegian Jewel4/16/2018ShanghaiUSD 549InsideBook It Now!
13 nightTransatlantic & RepositioningNorwegian Jade4/21/2018MiamiUSD 449InsideBook It Now!
10 nightTranscanal/Panama CanalCaribbean Princess4/21/2018Fort LauderdaleUSD 599InsideBook It Now!
7 nightCaribbean-WesternCarnival Glory4/21/2018MiamiUSD 453InsideBook It Now!
15 nightAsia/Africa/M.E.Celebrity Constellation4/22/2018Abu DhabiUSD 749InsideBook It Now!
15 nightAsia/Africa/M.E.Mariner of the Seas4/22/2018DubaiUSD 866InsideBook It Now!
7 nightCaribbean-WesternRhapsody of the Seas4/22/2018TampaUSD 438InsideBook It Now!
20 nightTranscanal/Panama Canalms Maasdam4/22/2018San DiegoUSD 1299InsideBook It Now!
4 nightCaribbean-WesternCarnival Victory4/23/2018MiamiUSD 253InsideBook It Now!
4 nightJapan & Far EastMSC Splendida4/24/2018ShanghaiUSD 119InsideBook It Now!
3 nightUS & Canada PacificRuby Princess4/24/2018Los AngelesUSD 179InsideBook It Now!
14 nightJapan & Far EastCelebrity Millennium4/26/2018Tokyo/YokohamaUSD 599InsideBook It Now!
16 nightJapan & Far EastGolden Princess4/27/2018Tokyo/YokohamaUSD 999InsideBook It Now!
7 nightMediterranean-EastMSC Lirica4/28/2018BariUSD 379InsideBook It Now!
14 nightCaribbean/BahamasMSC Seaside4/28/2018MiamiUSD 829InsideBook It Now!
4 nightUS & Canada PacificIsland Princess4/28/2018Los AngelesUSD 254InsideBook It Now!
5 nightCaribbean-WesternCarnival Triumph4/28/2018New OrleansUSD 319InsideBook It Now!
7 nightCaribbean-EasternCarnival Glory4/28/2018MiamiUSD 449InsideBook It Now!
4 nightMexico-BajaCarnival Imagination4/29/2018Long BeachUSD 219InsideBook It Now!
7 nightCaribbean-WesternNorwegian Getaway4/29/2018MiamiUSD 449InsideBook It Now!
4 nightMexico-Round TripCarnival Inspiration4/30/2018Long BeachUSD 214InsideBook It Now!
12 nightEurope Coastal/British IslesNorwegian Jade5/4/2018SouthamptonUSD 779InsideBook It Now!
5 nightCaribbean-EasternAdventure of the Seas5/5/2018San JuanUSD 280InsideBook It Now!
20 nightAlaska-Inside PassageNorwegian Jewel5/6/2018TokyoUSD 949InsideBook It Now!
14 nightMediterranean-WestRhapsody of the Seas5/6/2018TampaUSD 819InsideBook It Now!
4 nightMexico-Round TripCarnival Imagination5/6/2018Long BeachUSD 234InsideBook It Now!
6 nightCaribbean-EasternFreedom of the Seas5/6/2018Fort LauderdaleUSD 378InsideBook It Now!
1 nightUS & Canada Pacificms Eurodam5/7/2018VancouverUSD 59InsideBook It Now!
4 nightMexico-Round TripCarnival Inspiration5/7/2018Long BeachUSD 244InsideBook It Now!
4 nightUS & Canada PacificEmerald Princess5/9/2018Los AngelesUSD 219OceanViewBook It Now!
1 nightEurope-NorthernNorwegian Breakaway5/11/2018CopenhagenUSD 39InsideBook It Now!
3 nightJapan & Far EastMSC Splendida5/15/2018Tokyo/YokohamaUSD 139InsideBook It Now!
7 nightCaribbean-SouthernCarnival Fascination5/20/2018San JuanUSD 434InsideBook It Now!
6 nightSoutheast AsiaOvation of the Seas6/15/2018Hong KongUSD 348InsideBook It Now!
2 nightEurope-NorthernNorwegian Jade6/29/2018SouthamptonUSD 59InsideBook It Now!

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